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    شرکت تمام نگار پاسارگاد

    2009 - 11.30

    برچسبهاي هولوگرام محصولاتي اپتيكي هستند كه با تكنولوژي ليزر و با استفاده از تجهيزات و تكنيكهاي پيشرفته توليد مي‌شوند. زمانيكه به اين برچسبها در زير نور نگاه مي‌كنيم تصاويري رنگي ديده مي‌شوند كه با تغيير زاويه ديد، طيفي از رنگهاي مختلف را در آن مشاهده مي‌كنيم. يكي از خصوصيات جالب هولوگرام، نمايش تصاوير سه بعدي مي‌باشد كه غيرقابل كپي برداري بوده و با روشهاي ديگر قابل توليد نيستند.

    هولوگرام همان برچسب های امنیتی و فوق امنیتی، یک نشانه تصویری سه بعدی است که با تکنولوژی لیزر به صورت برچسب تولید می‌شود و دارای جلوه‌های بصری منحصر به فرد از نام یا آرم گرافیکی در لایه‌های مختلف می باشد. امروزه پیشرفت تکنولوژی باعث شده سیستم های کامپیوتری مدرن با استفاده از نرم افزار و سخت افزار و ابزار میکرولیتوگرافیک هولوگرام هایی با دقت ، ظرافت و پیچیدگی بسیار بالا ایجاد نمایند که همین امر کپی برداری و تکثیر غیر مجاز از آن را در هر کجا غیرممکن ساخته است لذا وجود هولوگرام بر روی کالا بهترین ضامن برای اصالت محصول بوده و مصرف کننده با دیدن هولوگرام شرکت تولید کننده بر روی کالا، با خیال آسوده اقدام به خرید می‌نماید. گذشته بر ایجاد امنیت،هولوگرام دارای جلوه زیبایی می باشد.

    مهم ترین ویژگی هولوگرام که باعث شده است به مطمئن ترین برچسب روی کالاها تبدیل شود آن است که این برچسب بعد از تولید به هیچ وجه در هیچ جای دنیا قابل کپی برداری و تکثیر مجدد نمی باشد.

    Making a Hologram

    There are two basic categories of holograms — transmission and reflection. Transmission holograms create a 3-D image when monochromatic light, or light that is all one wavelength, travels through them. Reflection holograms create a 3-D image when laser light or white light reflects off of their surface. For the sake of simplicity, this article discusses transmission holograms viewed with the help of a laser except where noted.

    It doesn’t take very many tools to make a hologram. You can make one with:

    A laser: Red lasers, usually helium-neon (HeNe) lasers, are common in holography. Some home holography experiments rely on the diodes from red laser pointers, but the light from a laser pointer tends to be less coherent and less stable, which can make it hard to get a good image. Some types of holograms use lasers that produce different colors of light as well. Depending on the type of laser you’re using, you may also need a shutter to control the exposure.

    • Lenses: Holography is often referred to as “lensless photography,” but holography does require lenses. However, a camera’s lens focuses light, while the lenses used in holography cause the beam to spread out.
    • A beam splitter: This is a device that uses mirrors and prisms to split one beam of light into two beams.
    • Mirrors: These direct the beams of light to the correct locations. Along with the lenses and beam splitter, the mirrors have to be absolutely clean. Dirt and smudges can degrade the final image.
    • Holographic film: Holographic film can record light at a very high resolution, which is necessary for creating a hologram. It’s a layer of light-sensitive compounds on a transparent surface, like photographic film. The difference between holographic and photographic film is that holographic film has to be able to record very small changes in light that take place over microscopic distances. In other words, it needs to have a very fine grain. In some cases, holograms that use a red laser rely on emulsions that respond most strongly to red light.


    There are lots of different ways to arrange these tools — we’ll stick to a basic transmission hologram setup for now.

    1. The laser points at the beam splitter, which divides the beam of light into two parts.
    2. Mirrors direct the paths of these two beams so that they hit their intended targets.
    3. Each of the two beams passes through a diverging lens and becomes a wide swath of light rather than a narrow beam.
    4. One beam, the object beam, reflects off of the object and onto the photographic emulsion.
    5. The other beam, the reference beam, hits the emulsion without reflecting off of anything other than a mirror.

    Use of Hologram موارد استفاده هولوگرام

    2009 - 11.29
    Every Industry and any industry can use the Holographic products to enhance the image of their brands in the market as an genuine and authenticated brands. They are used for attractive product packaging, security applications (they are almost impossible to counterfeit), fancy gifts, etc. Holograms are new media of 3-D art, registration of priceless artifacts, etc. They are also used in new technology aircraft, automobiles, etc. A few leading companies are also working on Holographic video and TV systems. For your quick reference, some of the industry segemnts where Holograms are used very frequently are as


    follows: In display holography ,the advent of pulsed lasers has made it possible to capture images of plants, animals and humans as well as inanimate objects.Holographic packaging materials have become popular and cheap.

    Security: The use of holograms on credit cards and bank-notes has reduced the opportunity for forgery

    Interferometry: If a “double exposure” hologram is made of an object before and after the object is subjected to stress, the change in the shape of the object due to that stress is recorded as a series of light and dark bands. In industrial situations this can be used in component testing and quality control.

    Medical records: Medical, dental and other records can be made both for teaching and for documentation.

    Measurements: Particle physicists make holographic records of bubble-chambers from which accurate measurements can be made.

    Display of artifacts: Many museums have made holograms of valuable articles in their collections, both for insurance purposes and to check for deterioration. In the former Soviet Union exhibitions of holograms of national treasures were sent to remote areas, enabling people to see and appreciate their national heritage without the necessity of travelling to major museums in Moscow or Leningrad (St. Petersburg)

    Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs): If a hologram is made of a lens, mirror or other optical element, it acts in the same way as that element. HOEs can be used, for example, in bar-code readers

  • Chemicals/Detergents, Fertilisers, Seeds.
  • Building Material/Hardware.
  • Fine jewellery/Watches.
  • Aircraft/ Automative & High Technology/Engineering Spares & Machine Parts.
  • Electrical/ Electronic Appliances & Components.
  • Sporting goods, Toys, Gifts/novelties.
  • Recording Media(Music-Diskettes/CDs,Cassettes/Tapes/Software).
  • Clothing Hang-tags, Branded fashion wear & Accessories.
  • Vehical Registration/ Driving Licences, Fare Charts.
  • Certificates (Mark-sheets/ Degree/ Diplomas).
  • Valuable/ Secret/ Confidencial Documents & Envelops.
  • Sequrity/ Financial/ Surety Instruments/ Bonds/ Share Certificates.
  • Books/ Publications/ Copyright Sales Litrature.
  • Loyalty/ Reward/ Vouchers, Passes.
  • Stored value Phone Cards.
  • Bank Cheques/ Draft/ Guarantees.
  • Credit Cards/ Membership/ ID cards.
  • Computer Peripherals.
  • Stationary Products.
  • Automotive Components.
  • Pass-port/ Visa.
  • Excies Revenue Stamps.
  • hologram Sticker Samples

    2009 - 11.29


    20141102_141507Demetallized Hologram Stickerlazer

    iran hologram , iran pasargad hologram , hologram iran

    Other hologram

    2009 - 11.29
    Other Holograms
    hologram_ID_overlay_samples hologram_pouch_sample holographic-hot-stamping image (10) hot-stamp-holograms
    holographic Hot Stamping Foil
    holographic_film4 Transparent_Hologram_Decal_sample Scratch_Hologram_sample Hologram_Aluminumfoil_sample Hologram_badge_sample
    Transparent holographic Decal

    Holog Products

    2009 - 11.29

    Henglei Hologram Ltd provides hologram solution and security hologram products. We manufacture secure hologram sticker, hologram film, holographic hot stamping foil, scratch off hologram, hologram ID overlay and Hologram Machines.

    We supply whole set hologram machines including hologram master shooting system, electronic forming machine, hologram embosser, Lamination & coating machine and die-cutting machine. Affordable Hologram Machinery   Hologram Sticker Production Photoes    Hologram Hot Stamping Machinery and Project   

    Holograms have 3D Stereogram hologram, Digital 3D Hologram, 2D/3D hologram, Dot-matrix hologram and recombination of different types holograms to enhance security. Assistant secuity features as hidden texts, micron text, kinetic Guilloche lines, true color/photo, flip-flop/switching/multi-channels, solid white, flash fight, will improve security too. The hologram has the mroe security features conbination will have more security.

    Security pressure tamper evident hologram with “VOID”, “ORIGINAL”, Honey Comb shape pattern released feature, black serial number and transparent demetalized sequantial number, two kind of hidden text and special micron text also enhance your security greatly.


    We have more than one hundred general design hologram label and holographic film, hologram hot stamping foil, transparent hologram ID overlay in stock. We also supply different size hologram master origination upto size 1200mm*650mm.

    General Design Stock Hologram Sticker No.1-No.30   Stock Hologram Sticker No.31-No.60    Stock Hologram Sticker No.61-No.90   Other Holograms Sticker Samples

    Hologram Seal  Transparent Holographic Decal   Sticker in roll format and application machine   New Big Master Origination

    List of Making Machines

    2009 - 11.29

    List of Hologram Making Machines
    1. 2D/3D Hologram Master Shooting System
    2. Dot-matrix Hologram Master Shoooting System
    3. Hologram Master Recombination Machine(for dot-matrix master)
    4. Electronic Forming Machine
    5. Old mode of hard hologram embosser
    6. New mode of hard hologram embosser which can emboss precisely
    7. Wide Web Soft Hologram Embosser
    8. Coating & Laminator
    9. Hologram Sticker Automatic Die-cutting Machine
    10. Manul Punching Machine


    What is a Hologram ?

    2016 - 05.05

     Holograms are photographic images that are three-dimensional and appear to have depth. Holograms work by creating an image composed of two superimposed 2-dimensional pictures of the same object seen from different reference points. Holographic-Film-H71-Holography requires the use of light of a single exact wavelength, so lasers must be used. In reflection holograms, the kind of holography that can be viewed in normal light, two laser beams and a photographic plate are used to take an image of the object.


    Both laser beams used in a holograph go through beam spreaders, which spread the laser light out like a flashlight. The coherence of the beam is lost, but it remains an exact wavelength. One beam illuminates the object from the side. The other beam, known as a reference beam, travels through a photographic plate and hits the object head-on, similar to the way in which a conventional camera takes a 2-D image. The reflecting light from the reference beam leaves an image, or hologram, on the photographic plate, but so does the light reflected by the object from the side beam. The result is a photographic plate that registers two images simultaneously, creating a hologram.

    When viewing any object, the human eyes each receive a distinct image, from slightly offset reference points. The brain combines them into a three-dimensional image. The hologram produces the same effect artificially.

    When developed, the hologram is printed onto a set of ultra-thin curved silver plates, which are made to diffract light. Diffraction is what a prism does — it splits multi-wavelength white light into each specific wavelength. When white light hits the silver plates, the reflections diffract into each specific color, creating two offset images made up of colors that roughly reflect what the original object looked like. The result is a three-dimensional image, a hologram. The hologram is composed of the interference pattern between the two original images.